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early pricing of $139.

After the price is $189

“I used to doubt my abilities. Now I have a clear sense of what I want and how to get it. Since using Best Year Yet, I am more confident and less stressed about my life, my work, and my future.”

For more than 35 years, the Best Year Yet System has been used to inspire, motivate, and direct people to plan for and achieve the results that really matter – in life and at work.
Globally, clients such as Honeywell, Southwest Airlines, and Whole Foods, and locally, Catholic Charities, Oriental Trading, and Bank of the West, have utilized Best Year Yet as an effective performance management tool.
You too can experience the insights and satisfaction generated as you work through the Best Year Yet process of creating your own personal success plan. Results Coaching has facilitated hundreds of these workshops in person, and now we invite you to register for our virtual delivery on January 15th.

Each participant will create their own personal plan for success online and receive 12-month’s secure access to the Best Year Yet Online Goal Setting and Tracking System, as well as our phone app.

WHEN:     January 15, 2019  9:00am – 3:30 pm
WHERE:   Any place you like, as long as it’s quiet and you have access to computer and WI-Fi.
COST:      $499 value! Register by January 1 for early pricing of $139. After price is $189.

Register and Pay for January 15 Session

Once you try the program for yourself, we hope you will consider Best Year Yet for your employees. It’s an ideal investment to help employees take control of their lives and realize their full potential. Give the Best Year Yet system as a wellness benefit, performance perk, or means of recognition.
Imagine the benefits:

  • Employees feel valued by the company

  • Employees achieve a sense of purpose and autonomy inspiring them to perform better

  • Increased engagement and motivation

  • Virtual employees can participate without the added expense of travel 

Block out the day and join us. This will be the first day of your Best Year Yet!

Your Best Year Yet Virtual Workshop - January 15, 2019