Learn what other high performing teams are doing to:

  • Discover and address obstacles that keep teams from fully executing their goals

  • Identify and narrow performance gaps

  • Engage their teams with the “Three D’s”: Dialogue, Data and Discipline

  • Create a culture of performance and accountability

​Results Coaching is a licensed provider of the BEST YEAR YET system, a simple, proven, and affordable solution that will help you close the gap between planning and performance. The BEST YEAR YET System is a highly effective team planning, execution, and performance improvement program that has a 30 year proven track record of delivering consistent and measurable results in over 750 organizations all over the world.

BEST YEAR YET helps translate strategic and financial plans into action and results. Shared accountability becomes the norm and barriers to achievement are addressed. As a result, silos tumble, productivity soars, engagement increases, and you get the measurable results that you want.

Our certified BEST YEAR YET coaches are your partners in success. We provide the planning and accountability process to help you set and achieve your top priorities. BEST YEAR YET delivers:

√  A focused plan with goals    √ Clarity on key result areas    √  Heightened Say/Do ratio  
√   Effective teamwork   √  Alignment on priorities   √  Measurable results
√   Increased performance   √   Renewed commitment   √  Pride in Achievement

"Creating a Culture of Performance and Accountability"
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“Creating a Culture of Performance and Accountability”
Offered by Results Coaching, 
Presenters: Performance and Results Coaches,
Donna King and Kris Gleason

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Are You Getting The Results You Want From Your Team?

As a business leader, you know that channeling the talent, energy and experience of your team is critical to organizational success. But keeping them aligned and focused on the bigger picture – the organization's goals – is difficult at best. How do you keep busy, talented people on task and consistently producing measurable results?

Results Coaching invites you to learn more about how the BEST YEAR YET System can help you maximize team performance and accountability, improve results in your organization, and impact the bottom line.