• Understand strength–based philosophy and your top 5 talent themes using Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Gain awareness of how your natural and dominant talents manifest themselves and help you excel.
  • Identify the knowledge and skills useful in transforming your talents into strengths.
  • Appreciate the unique power and value you bring to your team.
  • Learn to communicate better, build relationships more effectively and develop partnerships with others having complementary strengths.​
  • Discover how to lead with your strengths and to create high performing teams through a better understanding of each team member’s strengths.
  • Develop a plan for developing your strength, achieving higher engagement and increasing performance.

Join Results Coaching for an interactive half-day workshop filled with activities to help you

leverage your natural talents so you become happier, stronger and more effective in your life and work. 

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Presenters: Donna King and Kris Gleason, Performance & Results Coaches

Preparation: We ask that each participant bring their Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 talent themes to the workshop. If you do not already have your top 5, we ask that you complete the 30-minute assessment prior to the workshop and bring your report with you. Use this link to purchase and take assessment. Cost $15

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