Work, family, social and volunteer commitments, you name it.  You’re so focused on taking care of others, there is little if any time left for you. You deserve better!  Make the commitment now to focus on you and your wellness in 2018.

Treat yourself to the Results Coaching  Focus on You year-long program that begins with a half-day workshop and continues with monthly meetings providing you with a roadmap for wellness and self-care success with constant support along the way. 

Here’s what you get:
A half-day workshop to create a simple one-page plan to Focus on You  in 2018.  Your plan will include:

  • Vision: what would it look and feel like if you consistently devoted time to yourself?
  • Guidelines: pieces of advice you give yourself that lead to more positive results in your life.
  • A New Empowering Mindset: A shift in your thinking that crushes your limiting beliefs and paves the way to personal wellness and self-care success
  • Major Focus: an area of your life in which you need a breakthrough
  • Goals: up to 10 specific goals designed to Focus on You over the next 12 months

Monthly (evening) Coaching Meetings to support you along the way:

  • Share progress on monthly action steps with your coaches and others in the group
  • Receive coaching and encouragement while you enjoy developing a solid support network and cultivate a sense of positive accountability
  • Learn tips to enhance your well-being from a variety of wellness experts in areas such as: diet and nutrition, fitness, energy healing, meditation, and more. A new topic and speaker each month
  • Commit to actions steps each month

Take yourself off the back burner! Register now for our special Focus on You Introductory offer:

This package is a great deal and includes the planning workshop in January as well as monthly coaching and support meetings in February, March and April. All for just $349!

WHEN:    Workshop is Saturday, January 27, 2018, 9:00am to 1:00pm  
                 Coaching & Support Meetings: 6:30pm - 8:30pm, held on the last Tuesday and Thursday of each month.
                 You choose which day works best!

WHERE:  Sertinos Café 3669 N 129th St, Omaha, NE 68164

COST:      $349 (January workshop +Coaching and Support meetings in Feb., Mar., and April)

Then in May, plan to finish the year STRONG!

We believe that commitment, support and accountability is the key to success. Get the support you need to achieve success by continuing to attend the monthly meetings from May through December. The higher the commitment the lower the cost.

In May you will be asked to choose one of the following options:
  • Pay $320  for the remaining 8 meetings ($40/meeting)
  • Commit to 8 remaining meetings and purchase via automatic monthly debit ($50/meeting)
  • Attend as many meetings as you wish and pay $60 /meeting at the door.

For additional information or if you prefer one-on-one Coaching, contact and visit our website at