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If you like the experience and want to begin working with a coach, we’ll be happy to help you create your own personal success plan to figure out where you want to go and how you might get there. As we walk you through the process, you will be motivated from the inside out and gain a sense of confidence and clarity about your future. It’s energizing and powerful, and at the end, you’ll have a one-page personal success plan that you can start putting into action!

Want to stick to a fitness plan?

Earn that promotion you’ve been working  toward? 

Achieve balance in your life? 

Commit to make it happen by enlisting the guidance and support of a personal Results Coach. One-on-one coaching is ideal for anyone in need of motivation, empowerment, or clarity around life and business situations. A coach can help you discover how you may be getting in the way of your own success, motivate you through periods of inertia, and help bring balance into your life.

At Results Coaching, we strongly suggest that each new client create a personal success plan before the formal coaching sessions begin. Creating the plan is an excellent exercise to help you gain clarity and get excited about what you really want out of life, but it also tells the coach a great deal about your behaviors, beliefs, values and motivation. As a result, your coach will be far more effective in helping you reach your coaching objective.

Although we begin most coaching engagements by creating a plan, the similarity ends there. Based on the reason you are looking for a coach and the specific objectives you want to achieve, we’ll create a customized coaching solution just for you.

Some clients prefer to set the agenda for each coaching session based on whatever challenges and opportunities have recently surfaced.  A coach can help eliminate confusion, lead you to make wise informed decisions, and help you decide on next steps.

Other clients may have a specific outcome in mind (i.e., improving a relationship, making a career change, achieving a desired promotion, etc.) and are not sure how to proceed.  A coach can help you break the challenge down into smaller steps, keep you focused and on track, and guide you to a successful conclusion. 

Still others know they need the guidance and accountability of a coach to help them stay focused in order to reach personal goals and dreams. Meeting regularly with a coach creates the expectation that consistent progress will be made and eliminates the “I’ll-get-it-done-tomorrow” syndrome. A coach will help you celebrate your accomplishments and keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Whatever your motivation and needs are, we’re happy to customize a coaching solution just for you.