Results By Design 8-Module system

Improve Team  Performance and Impact the Future of your Organization

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Module 1: Imagine I - Building a Vision of the Future
Duration: half-day

  • Create a shared vision of what’s possible in the next 12 months to generate energy and momentum
  • Encourage team members to let go of constraints from the past and think outside the box
  • Identify current barriers to success (performance gaps)
  • Learn how to close the gap between your vision and the current status quo using the 3D's

Module 2: Imagine II – Establishing a Foundation of Trust
Duration: half-day

  • A behavioral assessment tool, selected based on the particular needs of your team, will be administered to team members prior to the start of this module. If the company has already administered such a tool (i.e., DiSC, StrengthFinders, Emergenetics, Social/Emotional Intelligence, etc. a review of these results and how they impact team dynamics will be covered.
  • Learn the 5 characteristic of highly functioning teams
  • Understand why trust is foundational to team success
  • Team members learn to appreciate their individual strengths and qualities as well as those of fellow team members
  • Appreciate the fine balance of strengths required for optimum team performance

Module 3: Motivation I – Defining Team Culture
Duration: half-day

  • Introduce the Cycle of Productivity and its impact on performance
  • Identify and record team accomplishments and disappointments
  • Determine lessons learned from both accomplishments and disappointments
  • Turn key lessons into guidelines for future success
  • Understand how attitudinal guidelines positively impact team culture

Module 4: Motivation II – Creating an Empowering New Paradigm
Duration: half-day

  • Identify current team paradigms; do they limit or empower team members
  • Identify limiting actions – what actions keep us from getting the results we need?
  • Identify Limiting Beliefs – what do we say to explain our actions?
  • Turn the most powerful shared limiting belief into a new, empowering mindset – a new paradigm for the future
  • Explore the possible impact of this new paradigm (Paradigm + Values = Motivational Fuel)

Module 5: Planning  –  Planning for Measurable, Sustainable Success
Duration: (5-6 hours, plus a 90-minute consultation with team leader prior to session

  • Identify Key Results Areas
  • Achieve consensus on major focus: in what key result area does the team need a breakthrough this year?
  • Discussion of SMART goals
  • Understand the difference between results goals and process goals
  • Brainstorm goals by KRA
  • Select and refine the top 10 goals for the year
  • Achieve team alignment and commitment to goals

Module 6: Act – Commitment and Accountability
Duration: half-day

  • Team Assessment: The 5 Qualities of Highly Functioning Teams
  • Commitment: Paradigm A versus Paradigm B
  • Establishing a supportive team accountability process
  • Tracking and reporting results: Managing the Say/Do ratio.
  • Understand the importance of the 3Ds (dialogue, data, discipline)

Module 7: Celebrate and Learn --The Difference Between Good and Great
Duration: half-day

  • Introduce the Cycle of Productivity and the importance of Acknowledgment
  • Learning to use the cycle to improve performance
  • How the cycle helps to maintain team energy and motivation
  • The individual’s role in the cycle (revisit team strengths)
  • Introduce a fast and easy weekly review process

Module 8A: Transform – Building a High Performance Team (the BYY demo)
Duration: half-day
Objectives (if chosen as an individual module):

  • Envision the future
  • Identify barriers to success
  • Performance Gaps – what they are and why they occur
  • The 3 Ds: Dialogue, Data, Discipline
  • Introduce the 5-Step Process to close performance gaps
  • What can you do immediately to impact the future of your organization?

Module 8B: Transform – Connecting all the parts for Team Transformation (only available upon completion of modules 1-7)
Duration: half-day and this includes a 12-month license to PRO® the online performance tracking system.

  • Combine content from all the modules to result in a one-page plan for success
  • Establish an on-going process to ensure continued success
  • Introduce PRO: Producing Results Online, a performance tracking system
  • Utilizing Key Performance Indicators: Dialogue, Data, Discipline to keep the team on track

​Ensure Your Results with Moderated Monthly Review Meetings
Duration: 3-4 hours once a month

When you stop to think about it, business leaders really have two jobs: 1) fulfilling their role as a member of a business management team, and 2) managing and motivating the people who report to them.  All too often one job suffers at the expense of the other. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to excel at both. 

Let Results Coaching help. Once you implement the entire Results By Design process, enlist one of our coaches to conduct monthly reviews with you and your team.  In just 3-4 hours per month, you will be informed of the team’s progress as well as any barriers that need to be addressed, AND we’ll keep your team informed, on track, and motivated and committed to producing desired results.

We’ll begin with a review of the past month, employing the principles of the Cycle of Productivity to assess what went right, identify shortfalls, and determine lessons learned in the process. 

Next we check in on the culture of the team and the workplace by assessing how well team members acted on the team guidelines and continue by reviewing the team’s new paradigm and gauging its effectiveness.

Monthly Reviews include scoring the goals achieved during the last month as well as setting new goals for the next month using PRO, our online tracking system. Month by month, team members learn to be accountable for results as they report their progress to the team.  PRO maintains a record of the team’s progress as well as each individual team member’s contribution to corporate objectives as defined in the team plan.

The Benefits are Huge. Results By Design Monthly Reviews provide busy managers with significant benefits:

  • Ensures Continuity and Attention:  It’s far too easy to cancel a meeting when  “something more important” arises. Even if you have every intention of rescheduling it, there always seems to be a reason to put it off until meetings like this simply don’t happen anymore. Enlisting an outside consultant as moderator brings the discipline required to ensure that monthly meetings consistently take place and the full agenda is honored.
  • Saves time: Yes, committing to a 3-4 hour meeting each month can be challenging, however, most Team Leaders report that they spend far less time each month in one-on-one meetings. In addition, one of the features of PRO, the online tracking system, is reliable reporting of individual performance relevant to team goals. Imagine getting a printout of individual performance when it comes time for annual reviews!
  • Reliable Tracking: How often have you delegated something to someone on your team and then failed to follow up? Monthly Reviews ensure that you always know where team members stand in relationship to their goals.
  • Breaks Down Silos: With shared goals and outcomes, members of the team come to understand how their area of responsibility impacts other areas of the organization as well as the overall success of the organization itself.

If it’s time to put some structure around your annual planning process and discipline into its implementation, call on Results Coaching. Whether you decide to implement Results By Design modules individually or as a full package, you will find the resulting motivation and commitment of your team to have a positive impact on the future of your organization.