Small Group Coaching - An Economical Option

It’s a strange dichotomy; people who need coaching the most often can’t afford it. If this sounds like your situation, consider small group coaching. We offer the same Best Year Yet planning process and 90-minute monthly coaching sessions (via group teleconference or in person if local), lowering the cost per participant.  We’ve coached small groups comprised of:

  • Contract employees working from home
  • Working mothers and fathers 
  • Junior League Members
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Solopreneurs
  • Religious organizations
  • And more

A minimum of 5 participants is required for small group coaching. We limit the number of participants to no more than 10 so that everyone gets an opportunity for input and feedback each month. Price per person is dependent on the number of participants , for example, in a group of 10, each person can take advantage of personal coaching for as little as $50/month.


We also understand that paying upfront for a specified number of sessions may not be
feasible. Members of small groups will be charged monthly, either by debit from your checking account or a charge to your credit card will be asked to commit to a minimum of 6 monthly coaching sessions. 


If you’re part of a group that would be interested in small group coaching, or if you would like to be put on a list to be notified when we have enough participants for a small group, click below to email us your contact information.

Social + Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Coaching

Our Certified Social + Emotional Certified Coaches begin with an assessment of S+EI skills. We use the most comprehensive S+EI assessment instrument on the market today, the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile®. This gives us immediate insights into our client’s strengths and potential development needs when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, allowing us to target the most important areas for development first. Once we have identified strengths and development opportunities in S+EI, we work with our clients to create a development plan for strengthening their social and emotional intelligence. This comprehensive coaching program is guaranteed to quickly enhance our clients’ awareness of themselves and others, and better manage themselves and their relationships with others.

Performance Improvement Servicesn Omaha

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Personal Life Coaching

Want to stick to a fitness plan? Earn that promotion you’ve ​been working ​toward? Achieve balance in your life? Commit to make it happen by enlisting the guidance and support of a personal Results Coach. One-on-one coaching is ideal for anyone in need of motivation, empowerment, or clarity around life and business situations. A coach can help you discover how you may be getting in the way of your own success, motivate you through periods of inertia, and help bring balance into your life.

We believe breakthrough results happen by design - not by chance. It is our mission to help clients channel their innate creativity, confidence, and courage into extraordinary results. We'll help you reach your full potential and achieve your own brand of success using our exclusive 6-step process: Results by Design. We’ll guide you through every step of this powerful process enabling you move from a state of chaos and confusion to one of clarity, control, and confidence.

Team Coaching

Today’s business leaders are constantly challenged to produce tangible, measurable results. Continued pressures on profits compel you to do more with less, you feel pushed to respond faster than ever to customer demands, and you are forced to shift directions to support changing priorities.

Your team may not have a clear vision of where the organization is headed, and if they do, the daily challenges of “the job” keep them from spending time on the important tasks that will get them there. But with the right tools and an effective coach, you can turn your team into one that consistently focuses on producing real, measurable results.

​Let's face it. The most talented teams struggle to be aligned, lack accountability and empowerment, and deal with daily conflicts that get in the way of producing results. We facilitate sessions that foster communication and encourage teamwork so that your teams are producing results in record time. In this environment shared accountability become the norm, team members are more likely to address difficult issues, and barriers to achievement are addressed. As a result, silos tumble, productivity soars, and morale thrives.

Strategic Planning Sessions 

Whether you are planning a 5 year corporate strategy, building an annual marketing plan, or developing a business plan for your start-up organization, we will facilitate an energizing and reflective workshop that will set you up for success with a clear plan, vision and goals.