" This is truly my Best Year Yet and I am very thankful to you for coaching me towards the following results: 

  • My marriage - excellent!

  • Family - re-united

  • Liquidity - touching the 6 figure barrier

  • Marketing machine - humming along nicely

  • Next year sold out 30%

  • Personal fitness/figure - probably the best of my life

  • Discipline/Systems - very happy with financial system, planning, document handling

  • Personal time - just back from the Yoga-Fasting retreat, before that went hiking to the Alps

  • Feeling - very serene, energetic and in control of things.

~ Thomas W, Consultant

" Kris Gleason incredibly knows how to create just the right motivation and strategies to enable me to excel. Our coaching sessions reenergize and inspire me to reach even my loftiest goals. She has encouraged me to fulfill my dreams, even those I didn’t imagine I could aspire to.

~ Sue T., Surgery Coordinator

“I highly recommend Donna King! The Best Year Yet workshop that she took me through was not only an enlightening experience but it empowered me to act and do things that I never thought I could do. I am well on my way to the most exciting and productive time of my life. She has helped me overcome my fears and lack of confidence while helping me accountable and true to myself” 

Stacy Shatz, Project Manager, WebMD

"Catholic Charities engaged us to work with our management team to create a disciplined approach to allocating our scarce resources to better serve our clients. What we found is that the BYY program offers much more than this. It has helped our team grow closer and feel better about what we can accomplish as a team. These lessons will have a lasting, positive effect on our agency." John Griffith, Executive Director, Catholic Charities, Omaha, NE ​

Best Year Yet was exactly what I needed to focus on my corporate goals as well as some very important personal goals.  I really liked the process and the manner in which it has been delivered.  I have seen measurable improvement in my team's goals this year by utilizing some of the tools I got through this process.  I will be a return client for this very reason." 
~ Mary Jo Hill, Regional VP Technology Firm

"We met each month, going through our accomplishments and lessons learned. Donna kept us on task and assisted our discussions. She was a solid facilitator that allowed us to achieve a significant amount. Her style was one of coach; supporting us and cheering us on while also pushing and challenging us. I felt we were at ease in her presence. We went from an isolated, dysfunctional system to one where we truly work as a collaborative, empathetic and caring team."  ~ David J. Peters, Mount Michael Benedictine School


"My name is Mary Mudge and I am a very busy small business owner and consultant.  Several years ago I was introduced to a process for organizing and attaining my goals.  As part of this process I met Kris Gleason and she has become my personal coach.  During my corporate career I was the one doing the coaching and I always wondered who coaches the coach?  Well her name is Kris Gleason.  Kris is laid back yet tenacious.  She asks just the right questions to keep you on track and move you to the next level of achievement.  Every year with Kris as my coach I have had a breakthrough sometimes on a personal level sometimes a business goal and sometimes both. I highly recommend Kris as someone who will keep your eyes on the prize even when you may not have the clarity or determination she sure will."  Mary Mudge, InnerQuest Associates

David Chronic from "Word Made Flesh" speaks about his Coaching
​experience and the plan building workshop conducted by Kris Gleason. 

“Donna has led me through a process that greatly expanded the products I offer and the markets to which I offer them. The resulting action plan is mine but her questions drew it from me and her tenactiy with follow up has kept me on track. In addition, our collaboration on web site and brochure design was pure synergy. To see what I envision be realized in such a powerful way was remarkable. She is now a trusted partner.” ~ Jeffrey Jans, Owner ReVisions Training 

“I sincerely appreciate your follow up with us and all of your guidance and support over the last year.  Your program was a HUGE benefit to all of us and the results we’ve had this year are proof of that.”

~ Recruiting Director at Private Prep School

"Kris has been my personal Coach through Results Coaching for several years now. She has a unique ability to recognize strengths, opportunities, lessons, and successes that I wouldn’t have seen myself. She has been a consistent voice of reason, helping to talk me down from unrealistic expectations and demands of myself and others, lifting me up when I wasn’t feeling successful or optimistic, and helping me set goals that motivate and encourage me to achieve real results. Some of my greatest successes have been realized through my coaching relationship with Kris." ~ Beth M, Manager, Yahoo

“I was in a rut so I contacted Donna, signed up for the online version of the program and we set the years goals into motion. She made it so easy to take my long overwhelming list of "to do's" for the year combined them into 10 sections, broke them down into monthly and weekly to do's.  And voila! I even figured out how to break them down into even more manageable accomplishments, and figured out what I really needed from this list to make me happy, and got almost all of them done and then some.” ~ Robin Shaddy,  RSKINNYNOW’s SPACE blog

"Working with my Results Coach, I have been able to clearly identify and visualize where I want to be in the next year and have created a roadmap on how to get there. This was one of the toughest years in my industry and while some of my competitors were getting out of the business altogether I was able to stay focused, work my plan, and grow my practice. Thanks to my coach and the process we use, I am truly able to say that this has been my Best Year Yet." ~ Mike M Financial Advisor

"Our leadership team was able to transform a small, mediocre mortgage lending operation, upside down and in turmoil after being acquired by a large regional bank, into a high-functioning, record-breaking, centralized group who served the bank’s entire 19-state footprint and was positioned to originate and service loans in the rest of the country. In three years, our loan production grew from $710 million to $1.73 billion – a 244% increase – while dramatically improving productivity.  At the same time, our leadership team became a confident, cohesive, and respected unit." ~ Tate Fitzgerald, SVP, Bank of the West